Types of Food Athletes Should Typically Avoid

Many athletes in Singapore have excelled both in national and international levels. More than their rigorous training, they also pay much attention to the food they put in their mouths. The food taken before and after workouts and practices play an important role for athletes to fuel energy and keep in top condition. That is why they also avoid food that can be harmful to their fitness and performance. Here, then, are the types of food athletes should avoid.

Sports drinks
The term itself is already quite misleading, and you should not be fooled. Sports drinks actually contain a lot of sugar and highly processed ingredients. Having too much sports drinks can interrupt your protein absorption, cause organ damage, and trigger hormonal imbalances. A true “energy drink” that would be better to have is coconut water as it is very effective for rehydration and replenishing of electrolytes.

White bread
White bread, compared to whole grain, is stripped of fiber and other essential nutrients. That is why it is not ideal to take white bread after exercise because it does not contain enough nutrients to repair muscles and restore energy. In addition to that, having white bread can also contribute to weight gain and depleted energy as a result of increased insulin levels in the body.

Soft drinks
Soft drinks are probably the most obvious thing to avoid when it comes to sports and exercise. They contain zero nutritional value and is very high in sugar. Having both is a recipe for disaster as soft drinks increase blood sugar, heightens the risk of problems with the heart, and even promote unhealthy weight gain.

How often will you see an athlete downing alcohol after exercising or before a game? Almost never. Alcohol affects physical performance negatively in many ways. Regular intake of alcohol restrains muscle recovery and can impair motor functions, damaging strength and overall performance. Alcohol also has a diuretic effect which means it can cause dehydration, which you generally want to avoid during exercise.

Fast food
You don’t really need to avoid fast food, but you should definitely eat it in moderation or better, rarely. The oil used to cook French fries, for example, causes it to be like junk food. This means that you’re taking in a lot of processed fats, fats that can build up in the arteries. This can eventually cause the arteries to become clogged, making it harder for the heart to pump out blood, especially during strenuous physical activities.

Energy bars
Just like sports drinks, some energy bars also do more harm than good. Most energy bars are high in sugar, fats, and preservatives. Hence, if you’re eating them and not exercising, you could put in more weight.

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