How to Take Better Pictures with Your Phone

Taking pictures anytime and anywhere has never been so convenient since the advent of smartphones. Nowadays you don’t even need to own an expensive DSLR to take great photos as long as you know how to use the features on your phone’s camera.

Here are tips to help you take better pictures.

Try not to use the zoom feature. Get as close as you can to the subject instead of using the zoom features. Sure, it’s there so you can close the distance between yourself and a faraway object, but the result is not always the effect you were going for.

Learn to use the light source. Natural lighting can affect the quality of the photo. You should be able to tell at a glance whether your subject is getting enough light to capture all the details or if the shadows would create a better effect. Even ordinary subjects can turn dramatic with your use of the light and shadow.

Use flash if there is plenty of light source. The flash does not exist to act as a light source for your subject. In fact, you can use the extra light in an already bright setting to take better pictures if you want to get rid of the shadows.

Always use the focus. Most phone cameras use the autofocus, but it is not an assurance that it will focus on the part where you want to. You manually set the focus by tapping on the screen. A box should appear to indicate where the camera is focusing. It’s that easy! Remember: tap to focus before you shoot or press the shutter.

Play with the exposure settings. Even setting the exposure is much easier on a phone because all you need to do is tap and then swipe up of down. A box for the focus should appear when you tap the screen then a slider on the side will also pop up.

Use the different modes. Your phone’s camera also has built-in photo modes that are just one tap away. If you want to focus on a single subject and blur the background for example, use the portrait mode. You can even adjust the depth to blur the background even more for more dramatic portraits or selfies. Remember to try all of the modes available in your phone as well.

Use a tripod for your camera. Now if you want to take high-quality landscape photos or action photos, you need to keep the phone steady. A tripod is cheap today and you can even pick from various sizes.

Don’t place the subject at the center. When it comes to composition, it can take a while before you can find your own style and technique, but most beginners are safe with following a simple rule: the rule of thirds. Imagine splitting an image into nine blocks then position the subject or interesting background near the corners, not the center.

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