Four Life-Saving Tips to Save on Rent in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best cities in the world to live in, but it’s also one of the most expensive. However, despite the high daily cost of living, there are some ways you can make things just a little bit easier for yourself.

Here are a few sure-fire tips to give your wallet just a little more breathing room:

Consider going HDB rather than a full condominium

Nowadays, it’s quite common for expats rent public housing in Singapore because of how much the cost of rent has increased in general. There are also some advantages to choosing an HDB flat rather than a private condo unit:

  • You don’t need to pay for extra amenities that you’re fine going without (i.e. private gyms, swimming pools, etc.)
  • Food is much cheaper in HDB residential areas compared to condominium areas
  • Many facilities are easily accessible by public bus or walking distance within most residential areas

You should also be on the lookout for certain rental contracts that allow sub-letting to other tenants if you do decide to sign as the main tenant. While the risk to you will be significantly higher, you can also significant lower your rent and utility bills.

Rent a single room

If you’re serious about saving money in Singapore, rent a single room rather than a full unit. This allows you to fully immerse in a more open culture and share the common space in your home.

You’ll also find that when it comes to renting single rooms, it’s all about finding out the personality of the tenant you’re sub-letting from. Asking questions about their preferences and living habits is an interview for you and the tenant both.

Rent with roommates

The severe shortage of studios and single-bedroom apartments makes it perfectly normal to share an HDB flat with one or two other people. Roommates not only lower the cost of rent and other utilities, but they also cut down on the costs and efforts of certain tasks, like cleaning and de-cluttering.

If you have friends you want to room with, it’s especially important that you make sure you already know each other well enough that you can accept each other’s habits, preferences, and even lifestyles as parts of your daily routine.

Make sure cooking inside is perfectly okay

Some landlords can have a strict “no-cooking” policy, and this can drive your expenses higher since you have to eat outside or rely on take-out every day.

Aside from being able to cook, you should also make sure that you have access to other kinds of facilities like washing machines in your HDB flat before proceeding to sign the contract form.

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