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4 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet

One of the best life-changing resolutions you can possibly make is to adopt a pet by calling the nearest animal shelter in Singapore (if you haven’t already). While they require quite a bit of dedication, they’re still just a smaller price to pay for what they can bring to our lives. Here are four convincing… Read more »

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Why You Need a Financial Adviser for Your Business

Because more and more business owners are registering and starting every day in Singapore, competition in almost every local or international industry grows even fiercer. Every decision made can have a great impact on how a company performs or does business, and all these decisions need to be sound and strategic. Accountants and bookkeepers aside,… Read more »

Megatall Buildings  

  By the year 2020, we will not see a very short structure. High rise buildings are a natural sight in every city in the world now but not all are called supertall or megatall. In this decade, we will witness the completion of buildings over six hundred metre tall (or about two thousand feet)…. Read more »

Consequences and Costs of Bribery

Bribery and all forms of corruption is present in every society. After all, no system is perfect but this practice is not acceptable. The government and other private organizations do their best to fight bribery but it is hard because there are only few people who are willing to make a difference. Bribery refers to… Read more »