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What Realities to Consider Before Moving in With Your Partner

Although the thought of moving in with your significant other is exciting and liberating, there are some things that you need to consider before taking the plunge. Even if your relationship was as its best when you were still living apart, living under one roof can be a completely different story. With that in mind,… Read more »

Things Men Want in a Relationship

Men are said to have come from Mars while women are from Venus. This is not just a popular book in Singapore but this is also a simple way to illustrate how men are naturally wired to be different from women. They have different desires, mindset, and ways of expressing themselves. They say women are… Read more »

5 Things Men Are Looking For in Women

Finding a perfect partner is a real struggle for everyone. In this generation, the standard of a perfect guy or a perfect girl is evidently a real high deal. With the pressure of society, everyone tends to think of finding the right girl or the right guy a mere fantasy because not everyone believes that… Read more »