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5 Awesome International Buffets in the City

With our rich culinary history and a large number of foreign restaurants setting up shop in our shores, it’s no wonder Singapore has been recognized as the premier food destination in Southeast Asia. If you want to sample a range of international cuisines, check out these 5 awesome buffet restaurants: The Line (Shangri-La Hotel) If… Read more »

Hong San See Temple – The Temple of Luck

Situated in the Mohamed Sultan road, Hong San See Temple is one of Singapore’s oldest structures. Basically, is built between 1908 and 1913. However, in 1836, it was a famous landmark at the Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar. The temple was built by the Hokkien culture specifically in the Lam Ann clan and was devoted to… Read more »

Fish Safe Haven  

Naturally, fishes are living in the sea. Actually, it is a clear mistake when a fish is placed in the aquarium and make it as a decoration or perhaps as a pet. However, many people are taking it for granted and is ignoring it as if it is not a serious matter. In Singapore, many… Read more »

The Organic Gift of Nature  

Singapore is not just a country that has a lot of buildings. That is just inside the metropolis. Since there are a lot of establishments in the central point of the city, many individuals don’t notice that there is also a place for trees, flowers and different species of plants. Actually, there are many destinations… Read more »