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The Different Styles of Facial Hair

Can’t decide which facial hair style is right for you? Here are 15 of the basic beard styles to choose from next time you visit a barber at Singapore. Stubble. The stubble is ideal for men who do not want to grow a full beard, because it’s easier to maintain. The short stubble can be… Read more »

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2-in-1 Beauty Products Worth Every Penny

We are such big fans of multi-tasking beauty products. Not only they help save space in the vanity, they also help simplify our busy lives. So, if you are as hardcore fan of 2-in-1 products as we are, you are in the right place. We’ve complied six of our favorite beauty products that will promise… Read more »

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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Looking Great

Cliché has it that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. How she takes care of her hair reflects her overall regard for herself as depicted in her grooming. No matter what hairstyle a girl normally has, curly or straight, it has its own charm unique only to her, which adds to her charm and… Read more »

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Beauty Steps Every Working Girl Shouldn’t Skip

Stress is part of every girl’s life – from dealing with the pollution and sun during a commute to managing the workload and paying the bills on time. It can get overwhelming from time to time, and you’ll forget to take care of yourself along the way. To help you keep that from happening, here’s… Read more »

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Odd Foundations Tricks That are Worth Giving a Try

The makeup and beauty world is getting crazier as the day passes, but for every eight bad tricks, there are three or four good one that are actually worth a try. With that in mind, we created a rundown of some of the most effective makeup tricks that could help you nail your foundation game…. Read more »

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How to Determine if a Fabric is Synthetic or Natural

  There are many variations of fabric here in Singapore and if you have an allergic reaction to synthetic ones, it is crucial that you know how to distinguish a natural from an artificial one. It is hard to tell if it is natural or synthetic especially with the many variations from cotton to silk,… Read more »

Power Pout: Must-Have Liquid Lipsticks in Your Beauty Kit

Gone are the days of uncomfortable liquid lipsticks for they are now back and are better than ever. In the past years, several makeup brands have released liquid colours and for a very good reason. Their new formulas are made to give rich, opaque colours that has an incredible staying power – something that most… Read more »

Best Beauty Splurges to Give Yourself

We understand how much you love DIY face masks and at-home manicures, but there are just times when certain beauty services and products are just worth the splurge. Here, we’ve rounded up four of the best beauty investments you can and should give yourself – everything from what you should feed your body to the… Read more »