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Four Life-Saving Tips to Save on Rent in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best cities in the world to live in, but it’s also one of the most expensive. However, despite the high daily cost of living, there are some ways you can make things just a little bit easier for yourself. Here are a few sure-fire tips to give your wallet just… Read more »

An Advisory from Health Sciences Authority  

In supplementing our health, we should never go for something that might endanger us. This is the primary goal of the Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA). The agency serves as the ear and eyes of Singaporeans when it comes to safe supplements. If we are uncertain of a particular Western medicine or any supplements, we… Read more »

Hawker Done Differently  

Many Singaporeans love to dine at hawker centres despite wide selections of restaurants around. The good news is that there myriad of hawker centres across the city-island that are committed to give their customers a different experience but sometimes we want to try something out of the ordinary. If we want to get away from… Read more »

Savor the Flavor of Singapore’s Indian Cuisine

If you are planning to have a food trip this weekend, include Indian foods on the list. Whether it is a North Indian dish or perhaps a South Indian cuisine, you should not worry because it is here in he country. Actually, there are a lot of Indian restaurants that scattered around the city. In… Read more »