7 Reasons to Try Karaoke

Karaoke is considered a very popular pastime in many countries like Singapore, Japan, and Philippines. Karaoke bars, sometimes called Karaoke Television (KTV), are considered places to relax and unwind from a tiring day at work or school. In addition to relaxing and showing your singing skills, or maybe the lack thereof, here are some other reasons to hit the KTV.

1. You can enjoy singing privately
Unlike Western karaoke bars where you have to sing openly in public, in Singapore and many Asian countries, you get a private room. You can get a room for yourself, your friends or family and sing your hearts out without worrying about strangers’ opinions.

2. Social interactions
Even though you don’t sing to a lot of people, being in a KTV is still very much a social activity. You strengthen your relationship with your friends and family because you can share naturally fun and intimate moments together. You could also meet new people, if for example, a friend brings a friend.

3. Stress relief
Singing to relieve stress is probably the biggest reason why people go to KTVs. The increased release of endorphins in our brain is a benefit that comes with singing and as a result, you usually feel happier when you are singing. Adding to that, you can joke around with your friends by singing off key! Most KTVs also offer food and drinks for a more worthy and fun stay.

4. An exercise for the lungs
Singing, in general, pushes our diaphragm and lungs to expand thus helping improve the distribution of oxygen around our body. This, as a result, allows our abdominal muscles to relax which also leads to better breathing. Singing can promotes better overall blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body.

5. Promotes brain activity
The improved blood circulation we get when singing can also promote better blood flow to the brain. In addition, when we sing we need to think about the melody and the lyrics of the songs hence our brain is always engaged.

6. Helps you express yourself
Most people, when singing in the karaoke, pick a song that they connect to emotionally. Singing songs that they are very familiar with or songs that they love can help them better pour in emotion while singing. A popular KTV named Cash Studio Family Karaoke even have mini-stages, perfect for getting the feeling of singing and expressing yourself on stage.

7. Gives you a confidence boost
Let’s say for example, that you’ve found out that you’re actually a pretty good singer. But, you’re still shy and not so confident about showing it to others. A karaoke room can be a good place to start. When going with friends, you might even surprise them and get showered with compliments.

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