4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Looking Great

Cliché has it that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. How she takes care of her hair reflects her overall regard for herself as depicted in her grooming. No matter what hairstyle a girl normally has, curly or straight, it has its own charm unique only to her, which adds to her charm and appeal.

Here we have ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny, avoiding any unwanted falling hair and keeping those strands securely placed.

1. Shampoo regularly
We often hear other people giving out advice about not shampooing hair regularly. As a result, they develop seborrhea or the medical term used for what people commonly battle with – dandruff. Our scalp forms red patchy scale-like itchy flakes which hide as we might, would just fall off at the most embarrassing moments. So to save our scalps and our dignity, try to establish a regular shampoo routine, with just the right amount squirted on your palm. You wouldn’t want to overdo it either.

2. Use salon treatments sparingly
These days, we have literally a lot of options when it comes to hair care. But what most products and salons don’t tell us, is the fine print that comes with almost every service they offer: use sparingly. We wouldn’t want to stress out our hair and our scalp, but as far as their business is concerned, we’re all better off now knowing this precaution. One good example would be the Keratin treatments we so often hear.

However, experts say the process can break hairs mid-shaft, and therefore can make your hair brittle sooner or later. Yes, those products are good and could make your shiny, but ease up. We aren’t on a race as to who uses the most hair products. Just keep your hair clean and brushed, and it’ll exude its own beauty.

3. Don’t rub
We often use towels in drying our hairs but make sure not to smother it dry. This practice actually makes the hair frizzy, dry and weak, making it more brittle and after a few strokes of your brush could actually break the strands. Instead, experts advise to gently pat it dry. It could take more time compared to rubbing, but it makes the hair healthier looking and the strands intact.

4. Don’t battle knots head-on
When faced with knots especially after every shower, we find ourselves in a constant battle with the knots. It could be satisfying once we actually undo them, but sad to say our hair begs otherwise. After showers, it’s advisable to use wide-tooth combs to help ease out those knots without falling hairs in the process. Afterwards, a flat paddle brush will do. It massages the scalp while styling out the hair to our liking.

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