What You Need to Know About Getting a Piercing

Getting a piercing may seem like a simple and impulsive decision to accessorize yourself in a unique way. I myself remember desperately wanting one for years when I was still in high school, which actually lead to me piercing another hole on my own ear. So if you’re prepared to brave the pain of getting a new piercing, here are some preparation and after-care tips for your brand new bling.

1. Get It Done Alone

While you’d want to have your friends for moral support on your piercing appointment, professional piercers think it’s not always the best idea. People tend to pass on nervous energy onto other people in such situations, which is why it’s often better get your piercings done alone. Licensed piercers also find it easier to connect with the customer and control their energy when they’re on their own. Also, remember that it’s all about your mental state, so make sure that you get a good shut-eye and eat a balanced meal before going to your appointment.

2. Create an After-Care Regimen

Cleaning your piercing may seem easy, but it’s also important that you develop an after-care regimen for your new bling. Sure, your body repairs itself after getting a piercing, but you still need to help it out. Professional piercers recommend using saline solution or water and soap in cleansing the piercing, as well as its surrounding area. It’s also be best to only clean it twice a day (daytime and night-time), since doing more can already cause irritation.

3. Rotate It Every Now and Then

It’s difficult not to touch a new piercing every now and then – but if you ever heard that you need to constantly rotate your new bling, then you better think again. One misconception that people have with piercings is that it’ll fuse with your body if you stop moving it around. Well, the truth is you only need to turn it every now and then is to break the scabbing formation. You need to keep the piercing clean, and ensure that soap and water gets pass the tunnel.

4. Take Your Time

The best part about having a new piercing is you get to change up your look. However, that needs extra patience as you need the leave the original earring in for several months before replacing it with a new piece. Understand that your body takes some time to figure out what it should do with a foreign object. But if you’re worried, consider visiting a professional piercer to check if you don’t have any nasty infection that could cause more serious issues later on.

Getting a new piercing can be a nerve-wracking decision, but by hiring the right piercer and knowing the proper after-care tips, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy your new bling in no time.

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