What is Holding Us Back?  


There are many things that hold us back. The fear of the future for example is holding many Singaporeans back. Life is uncertain that we anxious of the future. That is natural but if we let this fear rule our lives, we will not be successful.


There are other fears that can keep us from thriving. If we do not do anything about it, we will forever miss our chances to succeed. There are many fears but in this case, we will identify the most common ones.

Fear is defined as an “irrational fear”. For those that are suffering from specific hears, it can be that serious that it can threaten the life. At this point, we have to identify what is holding us back and what scares us the most.

The ten most common fears are identified by the website Self Help Collective. Here are the most common fears:


  1. The fear of flying
  2. The fear of public speaking
  3. The fear of heights
  4. The fear of the dark
  5. The fear of intimacy
  6. The fear of death
  7. The fear of failure
  8. The fear of rejection
  9. The fear of spiders
  10. The fear of commitment

If we have one or more fears and it takes a toll on our personal and professional life, it is time that we consider the help of professionals and submit to therapies. These fears are real and it should be lessened if not eliminated in time. The good thing is that we have our loved ones to help us overcome such fears.


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