Tips When Looking For a Tentage Company

Planning an event, big or small, is a huge responsibility to undertake. There are so many things to schedule, plan, and put together for you to be sure that everything will run smoothly on the actual day of the event. One thing that is highly essential for Singapore events, especially those that are held outdoors, is hiring a good tentage rental company.


A good tent rental company makes things so much easier for party planners. They can provide you with all the essentials needed for your event, like tables, chairs, decorations and preparation of the place for installation of tents. This is the reason why hiring a tentage rental provider shouldn’t be rushed. A good choice of provider can be everything you need and can take away all the stress of party planning.

Here are a few tips when looking for a quality tentage company.

1. Know the Details of the Event

Before calling a tentage company, finalize a few details of the event first. Tentage providers usually ask inquirers about the type of event, the activities that will take place, the style of seating, the size of the party, the type of space they have to work with, the slope of the installation location, and other important matters that has something to do with the site where the tents will be installed.  Luckily, most tentage singapore providers usually check and inspect the place for minimal to no charge.


2. Compare Rental Rates

Obviously, one of the major factors that many Singapore party planners consider is the rental rates. However, don’t hire a tentage rental provider based on the rates alone. Consider spending a few more dollars to avail the additional services you need.  It is always worth it to spend extra more just to be sure that your event will run smoothly as planned.

3. Look For Records and Read Reviews

You certainly don’t want a tent blown away by a strong wind or a high-peak canopy collapsing on a three-tiered cake. To avoid these nightmares from happening, look for the company’s records of events for the last six months. Read reviews from their online website or contact some of their previous clients and ask for the company’s performance. You cannot afford for the provider to be late or make mistakes when mounting your canopies and other decorations.

4. Compare Services Offered

Apart from providing tents, you would also want a company that can provide additional services. The fewer providers you need to communicate with, the quicker and easier it will be to plan the whole event. Look for a tentage company that can also provide you with tables and chairs, glassware, heaters, audio equipment, portable toilets, ad other essential items that you will possibly need for your event.

5. Custom Services

You need someone who can adjust to your needs. You should look for a company that can be flexible and is willing to work with your custom requests. If they grant your service requests that they don’t normally offer as part of their facilities, it could be a good sign that the company is a good pick to assist you in planning your event.


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