Tips to Become a Blushing Bride  

Let’s admit it. There’s a lot of pressure in becoming a bride. The one with the most weight is your decision of finally settling down and choosing a life that is shared between you and your soon-to-be-husband. Other than this though there are the usual pressures you will inevitably encounter as well, such as the stress of planning your wedding, not going beyond your set budget, not becoming one of those “bridezillas,” and meeting the specific needs of your in-laws. But on top of all that, you need to survive all that preparation for your wedding without ending up like a beaten old bag.

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You shouldn’t let all these get the best of you. So to help you become that blushing bride as you walk down the aisle, take a look at these tips.


An Easy Way to Rejuvenate

Nothing relaxes you better than a good, full-body massage and a full day at the spa. Even the mere thought of it brings salvation to our stressed and overworked selves. Especially for brides-to-be, before your big day, promise yourself that you’ll reserve even just one day at the spa. For a luxurious spa experience, you could try Estheva. Situated at Singapore’s grand Raffles Hotel, this luxury spa is a haven of elegance, tranquillity, and unsurpassed beauty treatments and massages. Having been awarded this year as Singapore’s Top Luxury Day Spa, Estheva offers an extensive range of aesthetic treatments and high quality skincare products that are sure to rejuvenate you. They even have spa services which are made particularly for brides. They offer their signature Dream Spa Ritual, Bride’s Bath, and Personalised Bride Glow.



Poses that Will Revitalize Your Mind and Body

Fight off all that stress from your wedding preparations with a good session at a yoga class. You don’t need to be an expert to fully gain the benefits of yoga; even as a beginner you stand to reap the revitalization and de-stressing that yoga promises. Not yet enrolled to a yoga class? Search no more and enrol yourself to True Yoga. They offer more than 35 different types of yoga, including Hatha Yoga which is perfect for beginners and intermediate students alike. This particular yoga type has shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase strength, help manage chronic diseases, and assist in weight loss by helping you to control your appetite. Now, surely that is more than enough to convince you to take up this class.


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