Tips on Learning Other Languages


If you aspire to be a multi linguist, now is the time to make it a reality. There are no tasks too big if you put your heart to it. If you are planning to go outside Singapore for travel or work soon, you have to learn the language of the country you have to go. Sounds easy but learning other languages is hard and it can be very challenging.


However if you are determined to learn it, no circumstance should hinder your learning. Many people have tried learning many languages and they have succeeded. Here are some tips on learning other languages that can help you:

Know your goal. The first step in succeeding is determining your goal and sticking to it no matter what happens. If you do not know your goal, you will be afloat all days without direction. There are many worthy languages out there but what is really your goal and what language should you consider? For example, you want to speak Tamil because there are many people here speaking that language and you want to understand them.

Stick to it. Consistency is the key. Once you determined your goal, the next step is to stick with it with the help of sticky notes. Labelling the environment can be a big help. You have to put sticky notes around the house writing the language counterpart. This is an easy thing to train your mind. There will come a day that associating words will be easier.

Have a partner. It would greatly help if you learn the language with a partner. Whether that is for competition or mutual responsibility, it helps you both to be on track. The best thing about partners is that one can be the source of knowledge for the other. This way you learn together and it helps if you have a partner for conversations.

“Taste” it. When you learn the basic, you start with household things and then the food. Tasting it can be better in retaining the word. When you are about to eat, consider a snack with the language written on it. Even when you are eating, you do not remove the learning process.


Practice all the time. Associating and retention are easy if you constantly speak about it. It doesn’t mean that you already know a thing and you move on to the other. It is important that you retain the words so you can use it anytime.

Learning other languages is fun but it can be a headache sometimes. You have to take it slow but if you have a deadline or timeline, it is better to rush things.


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