Tips on Juicing Pomegranate Seeds  


Almost all fruits can be juiced and extracting it manually may be one of the best and fulfilling experiences we will have. Take pomegranate for example. Pomegranates are popular here in Singapore since it is an Asian fruit. Pomegranates are abundant in January. It is known a ‘regal’ fruit because of its leathery red skin not to mention its little crown.


The fruit is a complex one but we should not underestimate its benefits. Many Singaporeans prefer pomegranates than other fruits because of its varied health benefits especially the arils or seeds. The edible seeds are famous for its sweet flavour. Arils are valuable since it is a good source of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and fibre.

Since it will be abundant come January, we need to store it properly but before that, we need to know how to pick the best one. Prefer heavy fruits that are bright and blemish-free. In terms of storing, we have to store them in dark but cool places for up to one month. If we want to store it in the refrigerators, it can last up to two months. To make juicing easier, we can just purchase arils.

Juicing pomegranate fruit is not that complicated if we know the basics. Here are some tips that we can consider:

  • Open the pomegranate: Using a sharp knife, cutting is easy but you should be careful. After cutting, you need to open it using your hands and gently break it in halves. Upon opening, there will be red juice and to avoid the stain, you have to wash the surface immediately.
  • Remove seeds: It is time to remove the seeds. In a bowl of water, submerge the section and loosen the seeds. The seeds will settle in the bottom. The membrane and the peel should be discarded after.


  • Drain the seeds: The next thing that you need to do is sieve the seeds to catch it when you discard the water. A medium-sized pomegranate yields at least half cup of seeds.
  • Blend: Juicing will only take minutes as long as the pomegranates are seeded. Using a blender or food processor, put the seeds. If the fruit is ripe, it does not require any sweetener.

Aside from juices, the seeds can also be used in salads. It does not end there because seeds can also be used as a garnish for beverages and desserts. If juicing proves to be a hard task, you can easily eat the seeds right then and there.


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