Tips for a Happy Zoo Experience with Your Toddler


Books, clothes, toys, pillows – name any baby stuff and sure enough, it comes with animals in them. Most parents introduce animals and sounds as early as the first year of their child. It is during this stage that the child’s mind starts to unravel the knowledge around him. Teaching him about animals is fun and exciting! Most nursery rhymes with catchy phrases also involve animals.


By the time your child becomes of toddler age, he would have probably recognized most of the animals – domesticated and wild. And what better way to introduce him to animals than a wonderful zoo experience! In Singapore, zoo and parks are good avenues for winding and relaxation for the whole family. If you want to create a beautiful zoo experience with your toddler, these are the things to take note of:

1.Continue teaching your child about animals. Allot time for using his books, toys, gadgets as tools. Be resourceful. You can likewise play-pretend or watch videos. In this manner, your child will not be fearful and uncomfortable with the animals but will instead be familiarized with what is expected to be seen in the zoo!

2.Get your child psyched days before your zoo trip. Once you have reserved the tickets for the zoo trip, keep reminding your child about it! Making him look forward to something will set his expectations and will make him all the more excited. This will make him appreciate his close encounter with the animals. If he’s lucky enough, he might be able to feed some!

san_diego_zoo3. Prepare all the necessities. Like any other trips, be sure that you have prepared all that you need. Make sandwiches and drinks which will make you feel refreshed in between walking inside the zoo. Ask in advance about the zoo schedule as some zoos in Singapore have special shows an hour within the day. You, especially your kid, wouldn’t want to miss that!

4. Enjoy the trip yourself! When zoo day finally comes, have one goal with your child: that is to enjoy what the place has to offer. Start early and maintain a sunny disposition throughout the day. Be ready for your child’s questions. Enjoy his being inquisitive. Have fun and maximize your zoo trip together!

Spending quality time together strengthens your relationship with your child. It is also a fun way to for you to teach and for the child to learn. Rest assured that with proper mindset and preparations, you will both have the experience of a lifetime! At the end of the day, adventures whenever and wherever will forever be etched in your hearts!


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