Thrift Shopping at Singapore


It’s been said a many times that shopping in Singapore is expensive. However, there are places you can go to for clothes and other items that won’t require you to starve for the rest of the month. Whether you’re looking for affordable electronic gadgets, clothing or specialty products, Singapore has lots of thrift shops and budget-friendly stores for shoppers reluctant to part ways with their hard-earned cash.

Flea markets

If you don’t mind buying “pre-loved” items, the flea markets can give you different options, though some shops sell brand-new items as well. All it takes to find the right clothes or accessories is a bit of patience, and a little skill at haggling could get you a long way. Here you can find almost anything if you know where to look. Flea Party at Flea Plaza are usually open on weekends, while Thieves’ Market is open everyday in the afternoon. You can also visit *Scape Underground on weekends.

For wholesale needs

City Plaza is the place to go. Just plan a weekend together with your friends to get great deals. Remember, the shops sell wholesale products so you have to get as many people as possible to go shopping with you. If you want to shop online, Editor’s Market has lots of options for you. You can visit the shop personally or just shop through their website. Editor’s Market works just like a wholesale shop where you can buy more items at better deals.

Malls or shopping plazas

Far East Plaza offers almost anything from clothes, jewelry and even beauty care services at friendly prices for the budget-constrained. If you’re looking for jewelry, Lucky Plaza has shops that sell accessories, watches and others at competitive prices.

IMM Outlet Mall is perfect for those who are willing to spend a little more time looking for items. It has plenty of branded outlets you can go to. In fact, it is the biggest shopping mall in Singapore. The stores usually offer huge discounts for most of the year. Mustafa Shopping Centre has a variety of goods including clothes, book, electronic gadgets, furniture, perfumes and many more. It is also the only 24-hour mall in the country.

Shopping centers

Still not satisfied with malls and shopping centers that offer almost any item? Try Bugis Street if you want to play the part of an explorer. It’s a shopper’s paradise with more than 600 stalls. Just like shopping at flea markets, you need to pack a lot of patience. If you want a different ambiance, Chinatown Street Market is a feast for the eyes. You can shop as well as feel inspired by its architecture and history.

Remember, the best method to get the best deals is to buy quality items that you need. Be creative and most importantly, enjoy shopping!

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