Things Men Want in a Relationship

Men are said to have come from Mars while women are from Venus. This is not just a popular book in Singapore but this is also a simple way to illustrate how men are naturally wired to be different from women. They have different desires, mindset, and ways of expressing themselves. They say women are complex while men are simple to understand. Men are like black and white colors while women are more nuanced. When it comes to relationships, men may also be looking for some things that are different from what most women want.


Motherly love

Most men are close with their moms and so they can’t help but look for the motherly love they grew up with. Motherly love most often means the same level of care and attention that their mothers used to shower on them. This is why most men expect their women to tend to their needs and look after them. It is through this that they feel the genuine feminine love that they crave for.


Surprising as it may seem, men are reported to want to have a close friendship with their women. Being able to open up with their partners without the fear of rejection or being criticized makes them feel closer. Ironically, their relationship grows more intimate because of this friendship. Couples who can be friends while they are lovers have stronger bonds.


Sexual Satisfaction

This one is comes to no surprise. Men are created to become highly sexual and sexually aggressive. This is why they want to have sexual satisfaction in a relationship. Sex or making love should have a special place in a couple’s relationship. This serves as a bond to further establish the love and intimacy two people share with each other.

Support and Encouragement

Men crave for the support and encouragement of their women. This helps make them feel better and also serves to stoke their ego and elevate their self-esteem. Some men would go to great lengths just to hear the support and admiration from the person they love.


Men are possessive beings so they would want their women to be all for themselves. They want to know that have the total commitment and fidelity of the woman they chose. Men may not always be faithful and committed but it doesn’t mean they don’t expect their partners to be completely faithful and committed to them.


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