The Different Styles of Facial Hair

Can’t decide which facial hair style is right for you? Here are 15 of the basic beard styles to choose from next time you visit a barber at Singapore.

Stubble. The stubble is ideal for men who do not want to grow a full beard, because it’s easier to maintain. The short stubble can be grown in a few days after you shave then trimmed. You could also go for a medium stubble, which is slightly longer, or the long stubble, which is thicker on the lower third of the face.

Full Beard. With this type of facial hair, you will let your hair grow naturally then trim the cheek lines to make it neat. Not everyone can grow a full beard, and even if you do, you still have to look out for bald patches and uneven hair lines. It will take at least 4 weeks after your last shave before you can start shaping a full beard.

French Fork. This is a type of full beard, but the extended hair past the shin is styled so that it splits and forms a two-prong fork.

Ducktail. Another type of full beard, but the extended hair past the chin is shaped so that it looks like a duck’s tail, hence the name.

Circle Beard. If a full beard seems too thick to you, but you still want to have a rugged look, go for a circle beard. This is a combination of a rounded goatee and a mustache.

Goatee. The goatee is supposed to make your chin appear slightly elongated if you have a round face. With a goatee, only your chin starting right below the lower lip has hair, but if you want to connect it to your mustache and short sideburns, it’s called an extended goatee.

Imperial. Hate chin hair and side burns, but love the mustache? The imperial will leave a positive impression with its curled tips that point upwards and are connected to the cheek hair.

Van Dyke. Another style that doesn’t include sideburns, the Van Dyke has a goatee and a mustache that will highlight your chin.

Anchor. The anchor refers to the shape of the hair on the chin and emphasizes the jawline, but it also includes a pencil mustache.

Balbo. This style includes a moustache, hair on the chin starting with the patch under the lower lip, and the hair trimmed to cover only the lower jaws.

Mutton Chops. Want something fancier? The mutton chops include extended sideburns that connect to a mustache. The shorter sideburns are called friendly mutton chops.

Verdi. This is another full beard, but the mustache is styled so that it has rounded tips.

Garibaldi. This is also full beard, but it emphasizes a rounded bottom.

Dutch. This is another type of full beard, but with no mustache.

Bandholz. This type of facial hear includes a full beard with an extended and rounded chin hair, plus a moustache with curved tips.

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