The Daughters of Darkness

Are you fond of vampire movies or vampire novels? Well, you will be delighted because the Daughters of Darkness will be adopted for TV. If you might recall, Daughters of Darkness is a novel by V C Andrews. According to recent news, EVOS Media of Canada and Marvista Entertainment will partner to develop the novel.


For your information, Marvista Entertainment already adopted other books like The Dirty Girls Social Club & The Three Kings: A Christmas Dating Story by Alisa Valdes. Marvista also adopted A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott. Now, Daughters of Darkness captured the interest of the company. So, what makes the novel interesting? Here are some things that you should know about the Daughters of Darkness:


  • Synopsis: Daughters of Darkness is a vampire novel. It features Lorelei together with her sisters. The sisters are all adopted and their father taught everyone how to harness their powers. They learned how to use their seduction powers. Their father always reminds them not to fall in love but Lorelei begged to disagree.
  • Sequel: The novels of V C Andrews blossomed lately with his television movie – Flowers in the Attic and its sequel Petals on the Wind.
  • Chapter listing: Daughters of Darkness comprises of 21 chapters not including the Prologue and Epilogue.

It is important that you read the novel. The novel is available in any bookstores near you. If you want, you can order online. If you prefer eBooks, you can also find an eBook version of the Daughters of Darkness. Reading the book will give you many insights about vampires and how they live. Though it is fictional, it seems realistic.

There are a lot of Singaporeans who are drawn to Gothic novels and movies. The book is available in Singapore so you should not worry.



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