The Cons of Videoconferencing

After speaking about the good things of videoconferencing, it’s time for the weaknesses of videoconferencing. Videoconferencing helps you save time and save money. However, you will still need your clients to sign some important documents and even socialize with them. With videoconferencing, these aren’t possible at all.
Despite the fact that airline prices are increasing and videoconferencing is actually helping us to save costs, there are some procedures that are inevitable. If you miss out these procedures, your company’s reputation might go rolling and tumbling down. Just like any other businessman, socializing with your clients is important. Socializing with them not only builds a stronger relationship between the both of you, it also makes your client know more about you and your enterprise, which might bring further business deals.

Even though trying to adapt to different cultures when you’re in a different country is difficult, meeting your client to sign important deals, such as business contracts, is a must. Videoconferencing does not allow either you or your client to sign on anything at all.
Although the majority of local companies are switching to videoconferencing, there are still a minority that is choosing to fly over to their client’s country to cut business deals with them. This not only allows them to socialize with their clients, it also allows them to understand different cultures even if they don’t have the time, because these cultures will be around them as long as they are still in that particular country. So remember, videoconferencing is not the key to everything.

Written by Editor