Surprising Advantages of Having a Long-Distance Relationship

For most people, the physical presence of a significant other is a huge factor in nurturing the relationship. The barriers and the distance can be additional challenges. But there are others who have difficulty finding someone who is compatible. This is where technology comes in. Now we have more chances of meeting people outside our circle even if there is the challenge of distance.

A long-distance relationship has a lot of advantages, so it is not always about pining for that special someone.

Effort shows commitment

People who are afraid to go into long distance relationships often have issues regarding infidelity. But remember that it takes more time, resources, and effort to maintain a long-distance relationship. The level of commitment shown to you by the other person should serve as a reassurance. Sure, it takes time to build trust and remove that insecurity, but not all people will put in all that effort just to ditch you for someone else a few months later. If your relationship survives, you will know that it is a strong relationship. Whatever challenges you are given in the future will be much easier compared to the time you were apart.

You have stronger communication

There is nothing much you can do together but communicate. If you can, you need to interact daily build a solid framework especially in your first few years together. Those who are willing to invest time and resources to communicate with their significant other are rewarded with a stronger bond because you get to know each other better. And because you feel the need to communicate every day, you have more interactions than couples who are physically in the same space.

You have more intimacy

Intimacy is not just through physical contact. You learn to value the moments you get to talk and make the most out of every opportunity you have because some of those are limited. You can better appreciate the other person’s efforts to stay connected with you knowing that it is not only space that separates you, but you live in different time zones. That means putting in extra effort to make time to connect even when you are busy; sometimes you even have to change what time you go to bed just to get some extra minutes of conversation.

You have no issues with independence

Long distance relationships give you more opportunities to exercise your independence because you do not have to be with your partner all the time. You learn to be comfortable on your own, which is also an opportunity to grow because you have more control in making decisions outside of your relationship. Having time away from each other is healthy, because when you get the opportunity to spend time together, it is going to be intense.

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