Singapore: 4 Important Things to Bring to Have a Light Beach Vacation

Whether you are going to a beach for a day or perhaps a week, packing up things is the most important. To set things straight, you don’t have to bring many belongings on your beach vacation. In fact, all you need is money, food, clothes and lastly camera. Why? This is because bringing too many loads will only increase your expenses.

  • Money – Of all the things that you must bring on a beach trip, money is the most important. You can ignore all stuffs because you can buy anything you might need (e.g. toiletries) near the beach. How can you proceed to other places without money or perhaps how can you get inside the resort if you haven’t paid the entrance fee? So please, do not forget your money.
  • Food – Yes! You can buy foods everywhere along beach side. But if you are only staying there like hours or have an overnight stay, just bring snacks. Actually, it is more expensive to buy foods in restaurants near beaches. Aside that it will lighten your load, it will also help you save.
  • Clothes – What will you do on a beach? Will you just look at the sea? The sky? Or maybe you only want to see beautiful and sexy ladies? Typically, you will go there to plunge your body in the crystal clear waters and soak your skin under the sun. And as usual, you will need to change clothes.
  • Camera – For an unforgettable beach vacation, you need to bring your camera. It’s lightweight and in fact, you can place it in your pocket. It is recommended to bring a waterproof camera. But if you don’t have it, ordinary camera will do.


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