Simple Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Autumn


The scent of vanilla, pumpkin spice, and freshly fallen leaves are just too divine to pass on. So if you live in Singapore, where there’s only two seasons, you know that it’s impossible to enjoy autumn and all its gloriousness. But if you’re willing to try these tricks, you can have the most coveted scents of fall without having to move halfway across the world.


  1. Hang a Garland

A garland made of dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and bay leaves look stunning strung up in a corner; it adds a rustic appeal and a unique touch to the room. Apart from its charming appearance, opting for this type of garland rather than a fabric banner as a home decor adds a sweet and delightful smell that screams autumn.

  1. Use Oil Diffusers

This is a great alternative for scented candles. They don’t only clean the air, but also provide a relaxing atmosphere to the room. Simply buy an oil diffuser and a scented oil of your choice. Remember that oil inspired scents range from spicy—like ginger and cinnamon—to woodsy aroma—like pine needles.

  1. Simmer a Pot

Apple-cinnamon pot simmers are a favourite. Toss cinnamon sticks and cut up apples into a pan of water and bring to boil. If you want a more aromatic pot simmer, add whole cloves, nutmeg, and slices of orange. The smoke from the boiling water fills the room with lovely earthy scent.


  1. Light Up Scented Candles

Lighting up scented candles is the easiest way to freshen up the smell of your home. Pick up pumpkin spice and apple-cinnamon as your home scents to bring fall to your home. If you want a more intensified aroma, wrap your apple-cinnamon candle in cinnamon sticks, or core an apple and place cinnamon taper candle inside. These tricks will surely send your senses flying!

  1. Infuse Your Potpourri

If you still use potpourri to freshen up the smell of your home, try making a fall blend instead of the traditional blend you always have. To get that earthy autumn scent, use dried apple chips, dried mum’s flowers, whole cloves, and cinnamon sticks. For an extra boost of fall, add love or cinnamon oil.

We may only have two seasons—the wet and dry season—but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy winter, spring, and fall ambience in the City of Lion. Altering the scent of your home is just one of the several way to experience fall in Singapore.


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