Scientific Studies about Alkaline Water

The known benefits of alkaline water are plenty. Over time, health specialists in Singapore and overseas have proven medical claims that support the benefits of ionized water to human health. They recommend it to be the best water to drink because of its distinctive characteristics and ability to treat various medical problems.

Kidney Problems
Health studies explain that higher pH level water is favourable for those patients who suffer from kidney problems. Accordingly, controlled alkaline water ingestion can strengthen the heart and increase urination. Alkaline diet is helpful for a Singapore patient suffering from severe kidney failure. The patient must reduce intake of animal protein and increase intake of alkaline water for about six to twelve months. Do this in order to decrease the level of urea and uric acid in the blood. Indeed, alkaline diet has significant effects on the health of patients undergoing kidney dialysis and also to those who no longer respond to drugs.

Gastric Problems
Our digestive system also benefits from alkaline water. For people with low gastric juice level in their stomach, ionized water sends signals for the digestive cells to produce more amount of gastric juice. As a result, digestion is enhanced, absorption of minerals is hastened, and metabolism is improved. Meanwhile, those who have high gastric juice level benefit from alkaline water in such a way that it neutralizes the excessive amount of gastric juice in the stomach. Scientific studies show that alkaline water has the ability to stimulate as well as neutralize gastric secretion.

Vascular Heart Disease
Cardiovascular diseases account for most deaths worldwide. Health specialists acknowledge that drinking of oxygenated water can possibly reduce cardiovascular disease mortality rate by a significant percentage. A scientific study showed that a patient who was suffering from severe vascular heart disease for 5 years was treated by the healing power of alkaline water. After 5 years of undergoing high-tech examinations and a major surgical operation, his condition only seemed to get worse each time his sickness relapsed. Out of despair, his family in Singapore thought he would not live any longer. That was the time they came across alkaline water benefits for people in Singapore and tried it out. Eventually, his body responded well to alkaline water treatment and is now recovering.

In the whole world, cancer is one of the leading causes of death among people of all ages. A scientific study was conducted to show if alkaline water has anti-cancer effects. The experiment made use of a laboratory rat. After injecting malignant cancer cells into the animal, they counteracted it by supplying it with alkaline water into its system. After 20 days, they compared the size of the tumor. Results showed a noticeable decrease in the size of the tumor. The scientific study therefore concluded that alkaline water has anti-cancer effects.

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