Savor the Flavor of Singapore’s Indian Cuisine

If you are planning to have a food trip this weekend, include Indian foods on the list. Whether it is a North Indian dish or perhaps a South Indian cuisine, you should not worry because it is here in he country. Actually, there are a lot of Indian restaurants that scattered around the city. In fact, all you have to do is choose where to eat.


Since you have many choices of Indian food stalls in the metro. You should try eating one. Indian foods are literally brought by Indian invaders in Singapore during the past years. Because of this, the country has been influenced on how they are going to use the spices and herbs like chilies, cumin, coriander, cardamom as well as cloves.


On the other hand, North Indian dishes are cooked together with yogurt while South Indian foods are mixed with coconut milk and different spices. In reality, North Indian cuisines at every restaurant showcases the flavors Indian like in the form of yogurt based foods, fluffy naan breads, tandoori items, mild curries, desserts and many milk-sweetened delicacies. On the other hand, South Indian restaurants menu are mostly in a form of vegetables such as vegetarian thosai and burning curries added with coconut milk. This is usually served in a banana leaf or what they call thali. To add, South Indian veggie meals are chutney and pickles.

Once you visit different restaurants at the center of the metro, you might probably have the best food trip ever.


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