Road to Weight Loss: What Foods to Eat

Your doctor is advising you to lose weight for health reasons. Doctors will advise you to lose weight the healthy way. The first thing that you should consider is exercise. You need to appropriate some of your time and devout it to exercise. Exercise will strengthen and condition your body. You can start by going to fitness centres. The good news is that there are many fitness centres here in Singapore.

While you establish your exercise routine, you should eat right. Exercise alone will not suffice when you speak of weight loss. You need diet to lose weight effectively. You can go to your dietician and ask for a meal plan. There are many dieticians or nutritionists here in Singapore. That should not be a problem.

If you cannot afford dieticians and nutritionists, you can simply research for fat burning foods. There are many articles online that you can consider. If you are serious about researching for fat burning foods, you should read further. Here are some foods that you should consider:


When you start a meal, a cup of soup will do the trick. You will end up eating less when you consume your soup. Any soup will do as long as it is broth based. For the soup, 100-150 calories per serving should be observed. You can skip the cream, butter and other things.


Beans are excellent source of protein. Beans are notable for dieticians because it is inexpensive and filling. You should know that beans are high in fibre content. That means it is slow to digest.

Dark chocolate

Oh yes, chocolate can help you lose weight. You can grab a square or two between meals. You have to remember that you need to consume dark chocolate and ignore the milky kind.

Sausage and egg

Breakfast is important. Having a breakfast rich in protein can help you resist snack cravings throughout the day. Sausage and egg are an excellent source of protein.


Forget about the apple juice or apple sauce. You should prefer the more substantial one – apple fruit. Eating the fruit is good because it sends a signal to your brain that you are eating. More than that, apple contains a lot of fibre than processed one.

The foods mentioned above are notable because they help you feel full longer compared to other foods. If you combine good diet with regular exercise, you will lose weight in no time. That sound simple enough, right? Good luck!

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