Revamp Your Bedroom with These Colours

The bedroom is not just a place for sleep and rest. It is also a place where you can express and display your personal style. Unlike with the living room, you don’t have to consider so many things when designing your bedroom. It can be as simple as choosing your most preferred colour and having a clear picture of what you really want to achieve. Here are a few common colours for bedrooms that will help you determine the colour scheme to use.


Blue is preferred by many because of the calm and tranquil atmosphere it promotes. Blue also connotes wide skies and vast seas, which are very relaxing, making this colour perfect for resting. Shades of blue are also very versatile and can be integrated to any colour of decorations. It looks great in any room, not only for men’s but for ladies’ bedroom, too.


Yellow is a fresh and energetic colour. It gives the bedroom an energetic feeling. However, because of its brightness, the colour may turn some people off. Tone down its intensity by only painting a couple of walls, and pairing it with a darker colour, like grey, for a well-balanced brightness.

Brown and Tan

Brown and tan are both neutral colours. If you don’t want to go with just any one bold colour for bedroom, brown and tan works will probably work well for you. The two colours look good together paired, especially if paired with accent colours for room decoration like gold, blue and turquoise. Since these colours are neutral, they equally suit a guy’s or girl’s room.

Black and White

Black alone can be too harsh for your bedroom. Balance the colour and give sophistication to the room by pairing black with white. Although this combination is often seen in contemporary decorating, this colour scheme can be easily pulled off by anyone. Have fun and add patterned items or solid colours of blue, red and silver to add dimensions to this colour combination.

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