Photography: Finding Perfection in Ordinary Things

Everyone wants that picture perfect representation of themselves which they can keep or nowadays upload to social media. Representation and the packaging of people have become a bit more in demand in comparison to the actual people themselves. Nowadays pictures push us to judge people by the cover and sadly, this has now become a norm. Well, let’s go back to what really matters, the people themselves.

Getting the perfect picture is about bringing out the lusciousness of life which we do not normally appreciate until it is captured. Sometimes normal things of beauty aren’t regularly appreciated until their pictures are taken and they are either framed or passed around. Seeing life through the eyes and perspective of another is now made possible with the many platforms which help us share not just our photos but our experiences. A picture says a thousand words.

This is because there are so many elements inside a picture that it is impossible to only notice one. If you are only paying attention to the subject, you may have missed the whole point. There are a lot of factors which are present in a certain picture. Lighting is very important as it helps us understand how much of the subject is allowed to be portrayed by the picture and the very contrast of light and dark is beautifully balanced depending on the theme and feel of the portrait.

Another important factor is the distance between the subject and the lens when the picture was taken. How intimate was the photographer to the subject? What was their relation? There are a lot of factors within a single picture itself that it is impossible to summarize a picture into only a few words. Sometimes even a thousand words is not enough. Now, how do we compare the quality of a certain picture?

A better question is, to whom do you compare the quality of a certain picture? How can you say a picture is perfect? Well, this is when the moment is picture perfect and not the actual picture itself. The perfect picture comes along with the many shots taken. Among the thousands of shots of a single subject, there is definitely one that stands out and screams with serenity, beauty. Having the perfect subject isn’t everything.

Sometimes the most ordinary subject would turn out to be the most important one. Sometimes you will be able to find beauty in the simplest of things. Sometimes we do not have to look for the perfect picture. Sometimes the perfect picture finds us. The perfect picture is just waiting to be captured and thrown into immortality. Some things are just to beautiful that we ourselves have to share them to the world.

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