Pest Control 101

Is your home infested with flies? Do you want to remove cockroaches and exterminate rodents that contaminate your food and destroy your property? Here’s everything you need to know about the basics of pest control management.

Identification of the Pest
A guaranteed pest control procedure starts with the identification of the pests. The pest control worker interviews the residents and looks for the sources of food, their habitat, and common hiding places. A renovation may be recommended if there is significant structural damage or the entry points must be closed to prevent pests from entering the home. Regular utilities servicing will also be recommended because pests usually thrive in leaking pipes that can damage walls and floors and faulty plumbing that provide a moist, warm breeding ground.

Learn About the Pest
To terminate pest effectively, several factors are considered. To eliminate termites for example, the species must first be determined because not all species necessarily consume wood. Instead of just treating the areas of the house that are affected, breeding grounds outside the home must also be identified.

The same is true when trying to get rid of cockroaches. Most homes have one to three species of cockroaches that can be difficult to eliminate with a regular pest exterminator. It’s recommended to talk to a pest control service provider here in Singapore regarding what kills cockroaches instantly.

Exploring Pest Control Methods
Once the pest exterminator has been able to identify the species and determined where the pests can be found, they can recommend methods for controlling the population. Not all pests can be eliminated within a week of treatment, that is why some pest control companies in Singapore give a timeline of several months to terminate pest. To kill rats for example, there are several methods that can be recommended. If the infestation is minimal, however, a 24 hours pest removal is suggested.

1. Extermination
Crawling or flying insects like the bed bug can be exterminated using chemical pesticides, insect traps, insect sprays, fumigation, and tenting of the affected areas. However, if you are worried about the effects of the chemicals on family members and pets, consult the pest control services company about alternative green sprays with fewer harmful chemicals. For example, termite treatment can take several months to finish as well as a continuous monitoring of the structural damage.

2. Removal
The use of pest control chemicals is not the only option available for removing pests at home. Remember that most of these species adapt well even in harsh conditions and are expert survivors. To remove mice, baits and traps are set in places where they are found, usually near cracks and nooks in your house. However, you should not hesitate to ask about other pest control management techniques if you don’t want chemicals used in your home.

3. Prevention
A clean home doesn’t mean it has no pest infestation. The only way to remove termites, for example, is to prevent pest infestation in the first place. This means that even if your apartment does not show signs of pest infestation, you still need regular pest control services in areas that are considered common entry points. You might also be advised to place screens on your windows and to repair cracked walls and ceilings to prevent rats from entering. If the pest problem continues, however, contact pest removal services for other options.

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