Owning a Business Website

Along with the many terminologies you need to understand or be familiar with when you want to own a website for your business is domain registration. It is the process of giving a domain name to your website. Your office building has its physical address. Likewise, your website will also have its web address so it can be located in the virtual world.

Domain Name Extension
When you register domain name, you need to think of two things: the domain name and the domain extension. For example in the web address www.yourbusiness.com, the “yourbusiness” is the domain name and the “.com” that comes after it is the domain extension or also known as top-level domain (TLD). Other possible domain extensions are .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .tv that you can register from domain registration singapore which is a trusted website for its purpose. Websites that have .sg as domain extension means that it is based in Singapore, just like in www.perfectweddings.sg.

Best Domain Name
In domain registration, to build a strong online presence, it’s best to remain in the familiar route for most of your existing and potential clients. When you register domain name, always opt for the .com domain extension as much as possible. A .com web address is a very good SEO strategy. This is one factor for your site to have better ranking in Google search engine. And basically, .com is the most common, and people generally assume that all websites end in .com. To exemplify it, people will most probably type www.yourbusiness.com instead of www.yourbusiness.net, especially in their first visit.

A Good Website Name
It would not really matter what domain name you pick if the extension you want to own will go along with it is unavailable. When you try to register Singapore domain name and find out you can no longer have a .com for it, you still have other options. Typical extensions for business websites winclude .biz, .net, and .info. In the context of domain registration, a owning a good website name is characterized by the following.

• It is a reflection of what your business is all about. It could be the company name or the products and services you sell and provide.
• It is short. Sure you can have a domain name for your business website as long as 30 characters, but it’s best if you can cut that into just a few characters to avoid entry mistakes.
• Refrain from using obscure letters and numbers.
• Refrain from hyphenating. Your visitors might forget to type hyphens.
• Use words that are easy to spell.

Multiple Domain Registration
Certainly, having several domain names is possible and advantageous. You can have yourbusiness.com, yourbusiness.net, yourbusiness.biz, and others. Domain registration is not really expensive and securing lots of domain names will not hurt you. In fact, when you register domain name, it is one way of protecting your brand and increasing your marketing flexibility, which you will need as your business continues to grow over time.

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