Odd Foundations Tricks That are Worth Giving a Try

The makeup and beauty world is getting crazier as the day passes, but for every eight bad tricks, there are three or four good one that are actually worth a try. With that in mind, we created a rundown of some of the most effective makeup tricks that could help you nail your foundation game.

1. Apply Setting Powder First

We know this trick violates everything you’ve been taught to believe about makeup. Applying a setting powder comes last for most of the makeup-using population, but some professional makeup artists actually use this trick to lock in the primer and moisturizer. Aside from that, this trick also helps in saving on the amount of foundation you use, increasing your foundation’s coverage, and improving the appearance of your under-eye area.

2. Opt for a Dry Beauty Blender

If you aim to keep your makeup application as streak-free as possible, then using a wet makeup sponge would be a more suitable choice for you. But if you’re thinking of sheering out your foundation, preventing product fallout, or setting your under-eye concealer, then opting for a dry Beauty Blender for your makeup application is the way to go.

3. Add Some Oil to Your Foundation

While it’s still unclear as to where this foundation hack originally came from, this hack is undoubtedly a godsend trick for girls with dry skin. Adding one or two drops of oil is already enough to do the trick – leave a dewy effect on your skin and keep it moisturized throughout the day.

4. Test Your Foundation on Your Under-Eye and Nose Area

People often say that the best way to test your foundation is to apply it on your jaws. What they don’t know though is opting for a foundation that matches your jawline could spell some trouble come summertime. Instead, test your foundation on your nose and under-eye area to see how they’ll cover your dark circles, as well as how these areas will stand out against the outer areas of your face.

5. Use the Downward Stroke When Applying Makeup

We’ve long been taught that applying liquid makeup using an upward stroke is the best way to go to achieve that face-lifting effect. However, some makeup artists argue that using the downward strokes is a better strategy. They argued that our facial hair grow downward, so applying foundation (or any liquid makeup) in the opposite direction will only make them stand out more.

Learning how to properly apply liquid makeups, specifically foundation, can be really tricky. But keeping these tips in mind and putting them to work will surely help you perfect the ways of applying liquid foundation.

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