Masonic References You Should Know About


Have you heard about Freemasonry? If not, this is the perfect time to know it. Freemasons are famous around the world because it is said that they secretly pull strings especially on major decisions. Aside from that, they are deemed to control world leaders and that world leaders are members of the organization. Members are rewarded with fame and riches.


Famous stories about them say that they are involved in many conspiracy theories. Freemasonry includes many secret signs and symbols – the kind that you read in Dan Brown’s novels. Little did you know that there are masonic references around you. Here are some masonic references that you should know about:


Mozart is a known member of Freemason but during his time, he denied the membership because he was a member of the Catholic Church. That time, the Pope banned everyone from joining Freemasonry. His last opera was said to be an analogy of the organization. The Magic Flute features number 3 which is the favorite number of the Freemasons.


One of the famous symbols of Freemasons is the all-seeing eye which is featured on the back of $1 bill. The all-seeing eye is called The Eye of Providence and this symbol gives an illusion that America is founded by Freemasons and that their citizens are watched over by higher authorities. According to authorities, there are is no basis of this claim since the eye is used to authenticate official documents.



Speaking of The Eye of the Providence, there are various films that feature it as well. It is said that the all-seeing eye is a reminder to Freemasons that deeds and thoughts are being observed by God.


Not all people know but The Knox College of Liberal Arts in Illinois is built by a Freemason. It was built by Charles Ulricson. The architect was believed to have incorporated Masonic ideas into the details and designs of the building without telling his clients. The building was in honour of Freemasonry.


In Scotland, there is The Glasgow Necropolis. According to historians, the thirty seven acre area was built and designed by Freemasons and it is known burial ground of many members of Freemasonry. There, you will see numerous gravestones and crypts that show Masonic symbols like the 4th degree emblem of Freemasonry and the Royal Arch. There are also few Egyptian architecture and different iconography.

Now you are aware of the Freemasons. It helps to know that there is some references way back. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, the truth is it exists maybe here in Singapore too.


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