How to Wash Your Backpack Properly

When you love going outdoors a lot, there’s nothing quite like a durable backpack that can stand up to tough conditions while protecting everything you need to make your adventure enjoyable.

Backpacks can also be for aesthetic purposes – if you find something that looks nice and defines your style, you want to make sure it stays in great condition for a long time.

The best way to take care of your backpack is by cleaning it. Here’s how you can do it:

Machine-washing Your Backpack
For durable and heavy-duty backpacks, such as those made of nylon or canvas, machine-washing is a viable option that lets you clean up any spills, stains, or dirt easily. Here’s how you can do it in a few easy steps:

• Empty the bag and turn it inside-out. Loose straps could snag on the washing machine, so it’s best to keep them in one piece.
• Pre-treat any stains with stain remover. Pre-treating tougher stains with a mix of water and detergent, and applied with a brush, makes the cleaning process easier.
• Wash the backpack using a gentle setting. To minimize any damage on the fabric, use the mildest setting on your washing machine.
• Allow the bag to air-dry. While you can use the dryer, it might cause damage to your backpack’s fabric, so air-drying would be a better option.

Hand-washing Your Backpack
Backpacks made of more sensitive materials, meanwhile, are best washed by hand. You can do it by following these simple steps:

• Empty out the bag and turn it inside-out to remove any debris or lint as well as to tuck in any loose straps.
• Pre-treat tough stains with stain remover, which can simply be a mixture of detergent and water, and applied with a brush.
• Wash with lukewarm water. Much like machine-washing, use only lukewarm water to minimize any damage to the backpack.
• Drain the dirty water and replace it with cool water before rinsing your bag thoroughly.
• Air-dry your bag. Drying it outdoors allows leftover odors to drift away before you can use it again.
Before giving your bag a thorough wash, be sure to check the care label which is likely sewn into its biggest compartment. If it says the bag should not be cleaned with water, it may be best to send it to a professional dry cleaning service instead.

Taking Care of Your Backpack
Even though it’s made to withstand tough conditions, you still need to take good care of your investment. You can do this by making sure not to overfill your bag. Even the most durable of backpacks are still made of cloth, and the extra baggage can place a strain on the straps and seams holding it together.

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