How to Soundproof Your Apartment

Are your neighbors complaining about the noise or are you tired of complaining about noisy neighbors? Some apartments make it easy for other people to listen to conversations and other things especially in a quiet neighborhood. Fortunately, there are solutions for both problems.

Here are some ideas to soundproof your apartment.

Add a shelf full of books

If you love books, then this should be easy. Now you have the perfect excuse to keep buying more books because the materials can act as soundproof. Of course, this does not guarantee that you won’t hear any noise, but the sounds coming from your home are slightly muted and distorted. You can also use the shelves to block sounds from other rooms within your apartment. Make sure to add foam at the back of the shelf to block more sounds.

Install curtains and draperies

Thick floor-to-ceiling curtains not only block the heat and light coming from outside, but they can also minimize the noise from the streets. You might also want to look for a quilt that is made specifically for blocking sounds. This is ideal for homes near roads.

Change the windows to triple-plane style

Even single glass pane can block out some noise, but if you want to reduce the sounds coming from outside, you should have a triple-pane style installed.

Install soft surfaces

Sounds can still escape your home because it will bounce off the hard surfaces. If you are worried about making a lot of noise, especially if you play music or have kids or pets, then you should install soft materials directly on the walls and ceiling.

Add a carpet

The fabric from the carpet will also lessen the noise coming from your apartment and might reduce the creaking sounds when someone is walking. If your floors are always creaking, you might want to ask the landlord about renovating it.

Move the noisy appliances

You can use noisy appliances like the television to block out other noises coming from the next apartment. By positioning it near a wall where most of the noise is coming from, you can block out the noise.

Move furniture away from noisy areas

You might have to rearrange your bedroom so that your bed is not near the windows or walls where most of the noise is coming from. It will not completely stop the noise but at least you are a bit farther from it. You should also pick more upholstered furniture which are made with cotton or felt because they help absorb sounds.

Utilize white noise

Remember the tip about canceling noise with noise? You can also use an electric fan or air conditioner to block the noise from your neighbor. Just turn it on before you go to bed.

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