Household Tip: How to Take Care of Plastic Food Containers  


You should not underestimate the power of plastic food containers. Plastic food containers serve as storage for your leftover meals. They are handy and they can take a beating from everyday use. Many Singaporeans do not take good care of plastic food containers because it can be replaced with another immediately.

Plastic food storage containers

This article will help you take care of plastic food containers. If you take good care of them and keep them in tip-top shape, you save at the same time you keep leftovers efficiently. Here are some tips that can keep your food containers in tip-top shape:

  • Keep it away from the microwave: When you microwave something, the first thing that you have to make sure is the label saying that it is “microwaveable” or “microwave safe”. If it is an ordinary plastic container, naturally it won’t last long especially with the heat. Even if it is “microwave safe” there are chances that it will degrade in time. If you want to be safe, just use glass containers when using the microwave.
  • Avoid the dishwasher: Throwing dishes in the washer surely made your life easier and more comfortable but you have to be wary whenever you toss plastic containers. Unless the manufacturer claims that they are “dishwasher safe”, you have to stick to manual washing.


  • Eliminating stains: If stains are present, you have to soak it in bleach solution. The bleach solution should be mild. Experts suggest that you soak the food containers using one tablespoon of bleach diluted in a cup of warm water. You have to make sure that the solution covers the entire discoloured section of the plastic. It would be best to leave it for 30 minutes before thoroughly washing it.
  • Eliminating foul smell: Not all Singaporeans like plastic containers because of the lingering smell. For the smell, you should rinse it immediately after use. If soap and hot water are not available, a simple rinse will do. This can help eliminate the smell – for the meantime. If you want to truly eliminate the smell, baking soda can do the trick. You only need to wipe the surfaces using a sponge with baking soda then wash it afterwards. There is also another trick that you can use – you can stuff it newspaper then close the lid. The newspaper should absorb the smell.

If the case is hopeless, sometimes you just need to admit that you need new ones. If you really need new ones, you have to purchase one right away so you have plenty of rooms for storing your foods.

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