Hong San See Temple – The Temple of Luck

Situated in the Mohamed Sultan road, Hong San See Temple is one of Singapore’s oldest structures. Basically, is built between 1908 and 1913. However, in 1836, it was a famous landmark at the Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar.

The temple was built by the Hokkien culture specifically in the Lam Ann clan and was devoted to the God of Fortune (Guang Ze Zun Wang). Ever since the location was change at the Mohamed Sultan road, there are still a lot of people from any culture that visits the place.

Artistically, the structure of the temple was designed be a renowned contractor in the name of Lim Loh. The design is simple. It was actually built in a traditional Chinese temple design with a entrance hall that are well decorated, a luminous light that reflects on the stunning wood designs from China.

At the temple is a carved granite column with a twin dragon together with another two dragons at the roof of the Lim Loh designed building.

During 1978, the Hong San See temple was chosen as a national monument. Other than that, the temple received the award as one Asia-Pacific heritage site in 2010. The award was given by the UNESCO for the Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Today, the front area as well as the interior of the bulding was rebuilt because of its old age. Apart from worshiping the God of Fortune here, one can also glorify Buddha and the Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin).

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