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Are you doing BBQ catering or BBQ wholesale in Singapore? Well if yes, BBQ food preparation must be done properly in order to get excellent results and to make sure that the food being served is delicious and savory. In connection with this, written below are some ideas for you to prepare the food well.

On the contrary, one of the popular food being served is satay and otah. Hence, these two are being considered as one of the major dishes when it comes to BBQ food. That’s why, while in Singapore, these two are foods you must try.

Food Preparation for BBQ Catering and Wholesale firms:

Excellent preparation techniques could definitely aid to having excellent BBQ food. Any kinds of ingredients whether vegetables, fish, meat and others needs proper handling. We have prepared some guidelines for BBQ Singapore catering businesses to maintain service and quality excellence. Listed below are some of the tips to consider for barbeque food preparation.

  • The finest kind of barbeque always used fresh ingredients. A good example to this is satay and otah. In this, the frozen meat could soften however, it will not completely go back to its original condition. In order to get great food result and taste it is better to purchase meat on the same day it will be barbequed. This is a very important tip to consider particularly by BBQ catering business.
  • In order to be able to compete with other BBQ business in Singapore, it is very important to create your own rubs. This is the mixture of spices that will surely improve the taste of the barbeque. The mixture of a BBQ catering company must be exceptional in order to stand out. Actually, there are so many recipes available, but it would be great if you are going to experiment and have the one with good taste. This is very particularly in BBQ wholesale that do otah and satay as there are lots of competitors available.

In case there is a certain sauce to be used before or while cooking, a BBQ wholesale company should prepare it ahead of time. This is to make sure that the sauce will taste good as well as the food by the BBQ catering company will also taste good as the attention is only for the grilling. This results in good quality food served with service excellence!

In order to make sure that the food is clean, it is very important that before getting out the meet from the fridge, the area is clean. This is very important to BBQ catering firms to make ensure that the food is safe to eat by the customers.

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