Five Ways to Enjoy Carbs the Healthy Way

Even though fad diets like paleo or even Keto tell you to focus more on getting more protein instead of carbohydrates, it’s still important to have the daily amount that your body needs since starch is its main fuel source. This means that you don’t have to ditch the carbs entirely – all you need to do is find new ways and make new tweaks to how you enjoy them. Try out these different ways to add carbohydrates to your diet without feeling the slightest amount of guilt ever again:

Switch out your white rice

As much as white rice is filling, it doesn’t have much in the way of nutrients because of how it’s polished. To get more from your grains, try switching it out with different colors of rice instead, like brown, black, or even red.

Choose different healthy starches

If rice still isn’t cutting it for you, there are other ways of fulfilling your daily carbohydrate needs, and one of them is by looking at the other available starches you can substitute. One example is potatoes, which are not only great sources of starch, but also of other vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Other examples include rolled oats, buckwheat, and barley.

Add lots of vegetables

Starch is really just what your body burns in order to give you energy. In order to actually stay healthy, you need different kinds of vitamins and minerals that you can find in other foods, and this is where vegetables come in. Not only do vegetables add more color to your diet, but you can also prepare them together in all kinds of healthy recipes and delicious grain bowls that are really fun to make.

Choose wholemeal bread

Do you love yourself a quick and easy breakfast sandwich? If you do but want to watch your calorie intake, there’s no need to worry – all you need to do is swap out your white bread for wholemeal bread, which has twice the vitamins and antioxidants of the former. Wholemeal bread also contains way more fiber than regular white bread or white rice, which is great news for cleansing your colon and making bowel movements easier.

Cut down on the toppings

The human body is actually designed to do well on a diet that’s mostly starch, and a simple meal with rice or potatoes as staples is pretty hard to mess up – it turns out that it’s the added flavoring we put on it that makes it unhealthy. While toppings are great for adding flavor to your meals, it’s probably best to keep things like creamy salad dressings, fried foods, and red meat to a minimum.

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