Fish Safe Haven  

Naturally, fishes are living in the sea. Actually, it is a clear mistake when a fish is placed in the aquarium and make it as a decoration or perhaps as a pet. However, many people are taking it for granted and is ignoring it as if it is not a serious matter. In Singapore, many fishermen are politely following the rules and regulations for fishing.

Some of the rules may be a burden for them but in the long run, they know that they are the ones who can benefit from it. In reality, fishing is natural job for human beings because people need to consume food and one of that is catching fish. One place that is very important for fish is Dream Fish’s Melion Arowanas Farm – fish’s second home.

Here, all living things are equal in living. If man needs food, it is given. Also, when fishes need food, it is also granted. The farm doesn’t only practice equality and respect, they also practice here the significance of the ecosystem by producing high-quality fishes and protecting many endangered Asian species. One specie that Dream fish farm is breeding is the dragon fish or locally known as the Singapore’s Merlion Arowana.

In fact, the farm is the biggest Arowana breeders in the country. Here, they are using state-of-the-art facilities so that it would also be easy for them to control the number of fishes. Actually, they are using an identification chip on the fishes the make sure that it has pure Arowana blood. Indeed, this is a place to expand your knowledge about fishes.

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