Fillers Used for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

As time passes by, aesthetic medicine is also evolving. Aesthetic medicines of today are developed to satisfy the demands of individuals aiming for better appearance and to boost their self-esteem. So regardless of what you’re in and where you’re from, there’s an answer to your aesthetic concerns and problems.


One of the most common aesthetic problems of most people in Singapore is the appearance of the nose. Singaporeans tend to have more rounded nose tip and less-defined nose bridge. If you’re among those people with noses contrary to common perception of perfection, you may find solution from non-surgical rhinoplasty. Unlike with traditional rhinoplasty surgery, nose fillers by astique from Singapore is non-invasive and doesn’t require extensive care for healing. With the use of cosmetic injectable, reshaping the nose has become much easier and safer.
Here are the commonly used fillers by Singapore cosmetic surgeons for non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite Fillers
Calcium hydroxyapatite fillers, such as Radiesse, don’t produce permanent results, but can make the effects last up to a year. These fillers are known to be safe, and have not showed any long-term complications so far. These are suitable for all patients, except for those extra cautious as they will have to endure the aesthetic result over the expected period whether or not the patient is happy with the outcome. Unlike other fillers, calcium hydroxyapatite fillers can’t be dissipated with other injectable formula.


Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
Hyaluronic acid fillers, like Juvederm, can hold a nose job effect for six to eight months. Like calcium hydroxyapatite fillers, they are safe and have not showed any long-term complications so far. However, unlike the previous type of filler, hyaluronic acid fillers can be dissipated sooner than the expected time span by injecting the area with an enzyme preparation.

Artefill is the only FDA-approved permanent filler available in the market today. Artefill is made of polymethylmethacrylate microspheres, a substance commonly used in surgical implants for many years now. It’s key advantage and disadvantage is one and the same: it produces permanent result. When considering non-surgical nose job, ask your aesthetic clinic to try one of the aforementioned temporary filler before settling for a permanent solution. This won’t only give you a chance to see how you’ll look like, but also gauge the skill of your cosmetic surgeon.

Saline Injection
If you’re having second thoughts whether the procedure will give you pleasing results, ask the aesthetic clinic to give you a “preview” of the possible outcome by injecting the nasal areas that need filling with saline injectable. When the solution is injected, it will instantly show results. After a few hours, the saline will dissipate, will be absorbed by the body, and your nose will return to its original shape and form. The result you see after a saline demo will give you an idea of what to expect after the non-surgical nasal technique, and help you decide which method (surgery, injection, or leave it as is) is best for you.


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