Excellent Services Go A Long Way

Recent statistics have shown that more than half of consumers would be willing to pay the 10% service charge if they are provided with good customer service. As Singapore emerge in becoming a rising hub for tourism, high customer service is to be required as well. Serving a customer in a restaurant with a smile helps a great deal. Such warmness makes a patron happy and willing to patronage the same restaurant again.

A recent case study on Telecomms in Singapore shows that many consumers are disgruntled at the big Telecos for bad services. There have been complaints of telecos over-charging bills. Talking to a service support staff on the phone or to a waiter in a restaurant could also be draining with the influx of foreign workers with poor use of English. All these problems end up with customers feeling disgruntled and jumping from ship to ship.

If you are a business owner and truly seek to increase your business clients be it in a cafe, home painting or any industry, first consider how satisfied your customers are with your products and service. Are they happy with the level of service you are providing them or are they dissatisfied. Gathering feedback from your consumers is a tiring and could be expensive job but it is crucial to do so if you want to expand your business.

The benefits of offering excellent services in Singapore leads to consumers being happy and spreading the word of your business which we call viral marketing. Do not under-estimate the power of viral marketing. Words of recommendation to friends can go a great deal in helping you get clients whom never would have known you. Great services would lead them to coming back to you always. It is easier to keep recurring customers than lose them and find new ones.

Written by Editor