Excellent Home Painting Services in Singapore

There are many HDB and apartment painting companies, so what sets them apart? Here are a few suggestions to decide on a great one, and what they usually include in their packages.

First and foremost, paint is the most essential item. Based on the brochures and coloration charts offered to you, it is possible for you to to decide on the colours you want and an excellent painting service company would purchase them for you. Recommendations on appropriate paint types based on coloration, preferences and life-style choices could be a plus factor.

Protection of furnishings during painting is essential. Your furniture must be safeguarded from splashes of paint by draping a plastic fabric over them. This needs to be carried out by a good Singapore painting service company. The use of this plastic drape is not to be belittled, without it, your costly furniture may have a brand new ‘look’ from the little droplets of paint! The plastic drape is a non-slip, waterproof plastic fabric which is well found in most Do-It-Yourself shops in Singapore. At $1.50 per piece, the waterproof plastic sheet can be purchased in case your painting firm doesn’t provide one. A 5 room HDB unit would normally require approximately 3-5 sheets.

Walls and ceilings should also be painted by the painting company. Unless the house owner provides specific instructions not to paint a couple of surfaces, all ought to be painted.

Some great painting service suppliers provide additional bundled services without further charges. Free simple housekeeping eg. mopping of floors and furniture transferring are some free extra services. Contact a superb Singapore painting service contractor and learn more right this moment!

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