Easy and Smart Q-Tips Beauty Hacks

If you’ve experienced sustaining a shoulder injury just from the weight of your purse, then you most likely understand how ridiculously heavy a woman’s day-to-day belongings can be. We tend to carry way too much on a daily basis, not to mention the stuff that we carry around on our trips. Luckily, you can already make your load a bit lighter by simply stocking up on a simple and inexpensive beauty tool, the cotton swabs.


  1. Conceal On-the-Go. Hide those pesky spots even without carrying your cream concealer around by dabbing some cotton swabs into it and storing it in a small zip bag. You can also do the same thing with your translucent powder to get a longer-lasting and crease-free makeup look.
  1. Correct Your Eye Makeup. Applied a rather thick coat of eyeliner? Don’t worry. Just take a Q-tip, wet it and gently dab it over the liner area that you to reshape. With this technique, you can now easily erase your liner mistakes without ruining or smudging over your eye makeup.


  1. Use as an Emergency Makeup Brush Alternative. Just like your makeup brushes, cotton swabs also works wonders in smudging your eyeliner and blending out the harsh edges of your eye makeup. So keep some in your makeup stash in case you need to create a smoky eye look in a pinch.
  1. Perfect Eyebrow Brush. Sick of overfilling your brows? Then take your matte brown shadow, apply a bit onto a cotton swab, and gently blend it over your brow area. Finish up your brow look by cleaning up any shadow leftovers using a bit of concealer or makeup remover. With this, you’ll have a perfectly filled eyebrows that won’t look overdrawn.
  1. Scent Refresher. Most perfumes tend to fade at the end of the day, but carrying an entire perfume bottle around can give a bulky look on your handbag. A good way to deal with this issue is to soak some Q-tips in your perfume and store them in a Ziploc bag. Now, you have a portable fragrance carrier that’ll keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

Although they’re more commonly used in cleaning the ears, Q-tips have proven that they too can work as an excellent beauty tool. So stock up your beauty arsenal with some cotton swabs to up your beauty gameplay.


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