Draft Master Plan 2013: East Region Development

The East Region will keep up. Future plans are underway. Are you familiar with Draft Master Plan 2013? URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) publicized the future developments of Singapore. While most of us feel that Singapore is perfect, in truth there are many things that need to be developed and improved. The Draft Master Plan seeks to give Singaporeans and its visitors the best living experience.

The Master Plan concentrates on six areas to include transport, economy, housing, recreation, identity and public space. You should know that the Master Plan is re-evaluated every five years. The last evaluation was in 2008. For the next five years, people should expect more improvements. In this particular case, let us discuss about the East Region. The East Region covers a land area of 11,290 ha. You will see areas like:

  • Pasir Ris – Pasir Ris is famous for its white sand beaches. Many people are still enjoying the beach. You will see many swimmers and picnickers here.
  • Changi Airport – You should know that Changi Airport is erected on reclaimed land. The airport is considered one of the best airports in the world.
  • Changi Village – Apart from the airport, you will see a village here in Changi. The roads of the Changi Village are named after United Kingdom’s air bases.
  • Tampines – Tampines is famous because of its ironwood forests. Tampines is derived from the Malay term “Tempinis” referring to ironwood tree.

Other areas include Changi Bay, Bedok and Paya Lebar. This part of the region is famous because it is one of the most desirable living spaces especially that it is near iconic sea sides, historic neighbourhoods and the airport.


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