Dos and Don’ts When Caring for Mature Skin

As you age, you will encounter a different set of challenges when it comes to skin care than the problems you had to deal with as a teenager. Not only will you need to change your skin care routine but the products you use as well.

Here are tips to keep your mature skin still healthy and glowing.

Don’t skip the sunscreen. The primary cause of drying and wrinkled skin is sun damage. Not only will prolonged and frequent exposure to sunlight increase your chances of getting skin cancer, but it can also cause sunspots and fine lines. Apply a sunscreen that best suits mature or aging skin even if you’re not going out of the house.

Do avoid exposure to pollution and stress. Physical and mental well-being go hand in hand, that is why you should pay attention to the things you expose yourself to, not just the products you use on your skin. By maintaining a physical fit body, your skin will also look great.

Don’t forget your décolleté (neck area). This area of your body is most often overlooked when it comes to skin care. Look for a serum with firming moisturizer ingredients that you can use so that the difference in your face and sagging neck area isn’t too obvious.

Use a primer when putting on makeup. To avoid unintentionally highlighting the fine lines on your face when you put on makeup, you should add a primer to your routine. It can even out the rough surfaces and even hide some dark spots.

Don’t use the same type of makeup. You can’t use the same type of makeup you enjoyed as a teenager. You will need to switch to a different type of makeup that is more suitable to mature skin. Take into consideration as well the effect and color of the makeup based on your skin type.

Do use a face mask. If you don’t have dry or sensitive skin, you should consider using a brightening face mask to get rid of those pesky dark spots. How about facial masks that also double as facial scrubs? Be careful when choosing products that contain abrasive materials that can irritate skin. Limit exfoliation to once a week only.

Apply the product with upward strokes. Instead of the circular motions you’re probably used to when applying products, use light upwards strokes. Do not apply the product with downwards strokes because you’re only giving gravity a hand.

Don’t forget to layer your skin care products. A moisturizer and sunscreen will not protect your skin from dryness and sun damage. You will need to add a serum for lifting and eye cream especially if you have fine lines around your eyes.

Some products combine all these benefits into one, so make sure to look for those in beauty shops in Singapore. Don’t forget that your sunscreen also has to be compatible with the other cosmetics you use or it won’t be effective.

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