Different Types of Procedure to Treat Presbyopia

Presbyopia, also referred commonly as age-related focus dysfunction or lao hua, is basically a medical condition used to classify a stage when the natural lens of your eye together with the muscles start ageing and lose some of their strength and flexibility which is required for focusing on objects which are positioned very close to you. At the end of the day, every person develops this condition, with the degree of severity of presbyopia varying from one person or the other, and it will not be difficult finding a patient around you.

Whether it is a family member, a friend or a colleague, you will often come across individuals who report symptoms of presbyopia. Presbyopia happens to be the reason why a large number of people require wearing bifocals or reading glasses in order to improve their vision at a certain stage of their lives. Go to any shop selling eye glasses in Singapore and you will come across several orders by patients of presbyopia.

Advancements made in technology, including medical techniques, has meant that treatment for presbyopia is now much easier than ever before and the surgery required for correcting lao hua on a permanent basis is now easily available which means that you would be able to read and see objects which are very close without having to wear any kind of glasses, and there are several medical services offering such surgeries in Singapore. There are basically two prominent and basic types of surgical procedures available for treating lao hua around the world. It is totally up to you which surgical procedure you would prefer, depending on your medical needs and preferences.

Your eye doctor will be there to provide you with adequate guidance and help you make the right decision. The first surgical procedure for the treatment of presbyopia in Singapore happens to be the presbyopia Laser Vision Correction which is also very commonly referred to as the LASIK mono vision. In the LASIK treatment, your one eye will be corrected in order to enable to focus on objects which are positioned in a long distance, and the other eye is corrected so as to enable it to focus on objects in close range.

Your brain would be able learn how to coordinate with both images in a very short time which means that both your near and far vision get corrected through this treatment for lao hua. In case if you also suffer from symptoms of refractive error, the surgery will also be able to correct this condition which means you would need not wear glasses again. The second surgery happens to be the Presbyopia Lens Replacement Surgery which is also referred to as the refractive lens exchange.

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