Dealing with Cancer

Dealing with any type of cancer is difficult and sometimes it can lose our sanity or faith but it should not be that case. No matter how difficult or painful it is, we just need to continue living for the sake of our loved ones. If you are diagnosed with cancer in Singapore, you will encounter a lot of things before saying that you acknowledged or accepted it.


In the case of Ms. Rita Tan, she had this stage two colon cancer diagnosed last October 2004 but it never stopped her. She fought the disease and now, her cancer was reduced. At the present, she is a volunteer at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for their Colon Support Group. Her unwavering efforts were rewarded by the National Healthcare Group with its Exemplary Patient Award. This recognition made Ms. Tan stronger when it comes to her advocacies.

If you are suffering from any cancer, you should be strong and utilize your time in helping other people with the same Singapore disease like yours. If you feel that your case is hopeless, you can still spend your last moments with the people you like or you can still do things you like with the people you love. The point here is that no matter how intense it is, do not just give up on life.


You can get inspiration from Singapore Ms. Tan or you can become an inspiration to many people. Cancer is not easy to surpass but if you embrace it, it will make things lighter and easier for you.

There is no easy way getting through cancer. Cancer, if diagnosed early can be treated. It is important that you go to your doctor regularly and have yourself checked all the time because things just happen. We often hear of people who visit perfect medical singapore who get lung cancer but only to find out they do not smoke. Our times are uncertain so it is important that we know the condition of our body.

If in this case you are diagnosed with cancer, do not lose hope. If the doctor says it can be treated, you should believe on it and continue living. You can get through cancer by:

Getting support. It is understandable that you get angry and depressed but having cancer is heavy enough that you need someone to share the burden. You can call on your family. They can give you love and support that you need to get through anything.

Continuing your Singapore life as it should be. If you put a stop to everything, it means letting the cancer win. If you still have the energy, do not stop doing what you like or love.

Eat and exercise. You need to change your lifestyle and do whatever the doctor tells you to do. You should abandon your unhealthy lifestyle. You should eat the right kind and amount of food couple it with exercise.

You should get inspiration from Ms. Rita Tan. Last October 2004, she was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer. That did not stop her. She went into series of treatments and at present, the cancer was lessened. Because of this, she decided to volunteer at Singapore Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Colon Support Group. This made her one of the winners of Exemplary Patient Award given by NHG (National Healthcare Group).


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