Condominiums of the Future  


We are wondering what will the condo of the future look like. Well, for starters, anything is possible here in Singapore. The next generation of condo will only speak of three concepts – convenient, sustainable and ultra-connected.


There is a new executive condominium here in Singapore that is under development and it can give us a glimpse of the condo of the future. What makes this urban housing the condo of the future? Here are some features:

  • Electric car charging bay: There is no doubt that in the future, electric cars will be abundant. With this, the condo will provide electric car charging bay so clients can conveniently charge their cars anytime they want in a spacious place.


  • Free Wi-Fi in common areas: This is not a surprise knowing that almost all public places here in Singapore have Wi-Fi. This is something different because it is exclusive for condo owners and most likely, the signal strength will be excellent.
  • Facilities powered by mobile application: There is a specific mobile application that is only designed for condo owners. The application can help the condo owner book condo facilities without having to call or personally coming to the front desk.
  • Pet waste disposal station: Not all condominium allows pets but for this particular condo, pets will be allowed because there will be a dedicated waste disposal station.

In one word, this condo only aims to push “smart living”. This executive condominium is somewhere along Jurong Lake District. The price per square foot is $642 and it is under the category of executive condominium.


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